Thursday, February 7, 2013

Brightening Every Corner

Our bedroom is one of the least-featured rooms on my blog, mostly because 1) It's usually quite messy and 2) Some of the stuff in there is not so aesthetically pleasing or easy to photograph--like our TV & laundry hamper. You still won't be seeing all of it today for those reasons, but one region of the bedroom recently got a little facelift that I do want to share!

The last time we peeked into the land of sleep and laundry piles was a whole year ago when I arranged some art above our bed. This time another spot received some art-love: this semi-awkward corner of dead space created by the near intersection of our dresser and window.

Don't ask me why I decided to hang these two pieces of art at different heights like that...I don't know. But I do know that things were lookin' sparse and half-arsed. Not a fan. 

Being a gallery wall addict and a Goodwill frequenter, I knew the answer was to hang some other art with these two lonely pieces. Boom, looking good!

Let's zoom in a little.

On the left wall, we have one of the existing pieces (an engagement picture in a floating frame), plus a $0.99 floral piece from Goodwill, a photo I cut from my Mizzou alumni calendar (the "Tiger" sign is from an old hotel in my college town) and popped into a frame I already had, and some DIY state string art. I actually got the oval plaque at a thrift for $2, and the gold thread and nails were $0.99 apiece, putting the project at just $4 total!

On the other wall, we have the framed Montana print that was already there along with a new-to-me photo I scooped up from Goodwill for $5.99. The frame isn't exactly my jam, so down the line I will probably replace it (maybe with this one from Target?) or maybe even spray paint the existing gold one an oil-rubbed bronze? 

Here's a close-up of the photo. I just love the lighting. It ties in well with the engagement photo on the opposite wall.

Now I really enjoy staring into this corner of our bedroom! I think it'd be even cuter with a chair popped under there, but my storage ottoman (which is full of blankets) looks good for now.

I must admit that this corner wasn't really on my to-do list or at the top of my mind when I bought the photo and floral art from Goodwill--so I'm happy that all the art ties in together. Any empty or odd spaces you've been tackling, intentionally or not?

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  1. You are always brightening spaces and places! Love your passion for making your world a better place.

  2. I love the corner! My parents are downvalley in Hamilton, and I bought my dad the See Montana print from's vintage shop a couple years back. I found a cool, reddish washed rustic wood frame from Michael's that brings out the warm tones in the print nicely. They also had a green washed frame that I almost bought, but it didn't match my dad's office.


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