Friday, April 12, 2013

Fab Finds Friday: That's Grate!

It's no secret that I love to collect things--Pyrex, vintage jars, decorative letters, and Fiestaware among them. Lately I've had a ton of luck at finding things I collect, and even starting to collect new things, like vintage graters.

It may seem odd, but I found two that I couldn't resist at a thrift store, and since I already had an old box grater back home, 3 makes a collection!

This 5-in-1 grater was $2. I'd never seen a round grater before and I really like it!

And check out the awesome little logo in the center:

This is the other guy--a wooden-handled 3-in-1 grater. It is supposed to come with 2 other interchangeable plates, but at $3 I wasn't sweating that mine only had one.

Continuing my vintage kitchen gadgets theme, I found this set of 8 little Jell-O molds at Goodwill for just $0.99! I think they'll be great for storing odds and ends in my office.

I also managed to add 4 more aqua mason jars to my collection. This trio was impossible to leave behind--each were$0.85 plus 50% off because the whole store was having a Friday sale! I love that the original prices ($6 for the quart, $3 for each pint) were still on the jars since I got them all for $1.25, ha!

This wide-mouth quart jar was a more expensive antique mall buy ($6), but I had never seen a "Special" jar, just the "Perfect Mason" and "Ideal" ones, so I had to have it!

I also seem to have a thing for vintage flashcards. These ones were $4.50, are from the 50s, and came in the coolest box.

I love how the backs have more detailed problems--I've never encountered any like these!

I also found another letter for my collection. It's pretty large (11x14) so for only $5 I snatched it up.

And it looks like I may have a wooden cheese box collection too. I already have two in my pantry but I'd never seen a cream cheese box or one this shallow, so I nabbed it for $8.

I also got this plain medical jar for $8. I plan on creating a vinyl decal for it and using it to stash cotton balls in the bathroom, which will be one more thing crossed off my thrift wish list!

I also found a set of eight greenish-blue goblets for $0.99 apiece and I couldn't resist 'em.

Anyone else growing some collections out there? 

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  1. There is a HUGE Goodwill outlet store in Wichita - north Oliver Street, I think - out by Grandma. Dad and I think we should take a Friday-Saturday trip (all six of us, in at least 2 vehicles, so there's plenty of space for purchases!) and do some thrifting with Shari plus some visiting with Grandma. Doesn't that sound like fun?
    And maybe you can teach me your tricks for finding such fabulous stuff!

  2. The lettering on your graters and the jello molds is my favorite part! I love the blue jars, too. Have you seen that KMart is suddenly selling reproduction blue Ball jars? I'm not sure how I feel about that... :)


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