Friday, October 19, 2012

Fab Finds Friday: Highlights of Summer 2012

This summer I not only discovered some new favorite thrift stores, but I also attended several "First Friday" antiquing events in Westport and the West Bottoms. My sister and her husband were my main partners-in-crime at these spots, although I did manage to talk Ryan into attending one sale (which was ironically the hottest sale of the summer--we were sweating & quite grouchy by the end). Overall, we had great luck at most sales, especially when we checked out the sale photos before the events to decide which shops to hit up first!

First up is one of my First Friday finds: a lovely red-orange dish rack that I scooped up for $15. The woman running the booth didn't have a price marked on it, but I asked and she told me she hadn't planned on selling it--but she'd used it in her home and as a display rack in her booth for years, so she decided she would part with it. Since I frequently clean dishes that can't survive the dishwasher (i.e. my Pyrex) I knew that this beauty would come in handy in my home.

I brought her up to Montana and she's already come in plenty handy right next to our sink:

Another find from First Fridays: this lovely cream velvet chair. I love its tufted back and the cane siding.

It looks right at home in my studio next to my teal floral chair (a gift from my uncle, purchased at Pier1).

And apparently it's quite comfy, as my cat loves lounging in it:

I found another cute accessory for our studio at the second Friday sale we attended: this fun yellow filing cabinet. Since our color scheme is teal and goldenrod, we knew that this already-painted cabinet would fit right in, and at $18, it would save us the time and money of buying and spray-painting a plain unit.

I also went a little flashcard crazy at Liberty Belle, another First Friday shop. I just loved these with pictures and handwritten words. I plan on framing them all and hanging them in our kitchen. I liked that three are distinctly kitchen-themed, but two (cow and parachute, obviously) are random and fun!

I also loved these music flashcards and think they'll look great framed and in a gallery wall. They feature different notes on the back, so I can always turn them around if I'm looking for a new song :)

I also snagged some great vintage things at Kansas City's new Goodwill Outlet. My favorite is probably this aluminum foil holder. It definitely needs a little more cleaning (and I want to try to hammer out that dent), but I love its charm and know it'll look great in my vintage-y kitchen!

I also found this awesome cheese tray. (Well, technically my sister found it when we were shopping together, and knowing my great fondness for cheese, she handed it over). I think it'd be awesome for serving foods at a wine and cheese party. I can also really see it leaning on some shelves in a dining room or kitchen as art.

Here's a close-up of the bottom--labels of all the cheeses in a really cool font!)

And here's another thrifted find for our studio--a lovely (formerly-brass) magazine holder. I spray-painted this one teal. I just love its lines!

I also grabbed this lemon paddle at a thrift store which used to be a bowling alley (true story). It's so cheery!

And lastly, a trio of kitchen items. The first two, including this green sifter, were picked up at a shop in Blue Springs that was sadly going out of business. The owner there was quite sweet. I've always wanted a vintage sifter so I went for this chippy one.

I also got this lard bucket from her store. I was initially drawn to it because of that awesome pig logo, but was sold by the fact that the company was headquartered in my hometown, as shown by the label.

And last up, I got this vintage mini loaf pan for $2 at a Salvation Army. I don't intend to bake in this, but think it'll make a great piece for organizing office supplies!

So there you have it--some of my favorite summer finds. Any good buys you'd like to share?

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  1. Love absolutely everything you found but my favorite? The red dish rack! It looks so cute (especially with Pyrex in it).

    Great job!


  2. You have a great sense of style! Love your bargain finds!

  3. I'm in love with that tufted chair. Good find!


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