Friday, October 12, 2012

Fab Finds Friday: Vintage Vibes

Since moving back to Missoula, I've continued my thrifting and antiquing ways--in fact, I must confess that I hit up all my favorite haunts on my very first day back. However, I have found that I'm showing a little more restraint in my shopping. Then again, maybe that's because I've already bought a lot of the things I encounter? Har har. In any case, I've held back so much that I can happily share all of my fab finds highlights since our return in late August here in one post! I've actually had a lot of luck finding vintage pieces not just at antique stores and flea markets, but also at my favorite thrift stores. 

First up, I want to show off my haul from the Prairie Sisters' fall party. You may recall that I hit up their spring 2012 event with great success, and though I didn't bring home a big ticket item like our awesome chair, I did find some really cool vintage items, which I showed off in the photo below:

I've always wanted an old Chinese Checkers board (probably because there's one in Ted's apartment on How I Met Your Mother), and I scored this one for only $6. The "Mystic Medium" board was $8, and it looks great in my Halloween vignette as shared earlier this week, as do the cookie cutters & box, which were also $8. The berry baskets were a no brainer at $1 a pop (I love them for organizing!) and I'm a sucker for colorful vintage food containers, so I took home this foldable milk container for $3.

I picked up this banana holder for $0.95. It's not much of a looker on its own, but it does its job--I found that my bananas were getting more bruised when I stashed them in a bowl, so I like this much better. I plan on prettying it up this summer with a nice paint job, kinda like this beauty:


I also snagged a big box of vintage flashcards for just $2. I can just imagine these as fun holiday decor (like the "kiss" one for a Valentine's day vignette) or even as fun accents at a party (like the "cheese" card propped up by a spread of--you guessed it--cheeses).

I nabbed four of these lovely lace-y cups for just $1.25. They were in the drinking glass section, but they're a little squat to be for libations. I plan on using them as votive holders. The lace pattern is so pretty and textured, like it's embossed to the glass.

I also spotted this little Pyrex cup (the Old Town Blue pattern) for a measley $0.35. After a near-disastrous WHERE IS MY WEDDING RING! event last week, I wanted a safe spot to stash my bling while I hand wash dishes, and this guy fit the bill.

It's no secret that vintage hardcover books make great decor. I snapped up these three books for $3 total.

See that cool-patterned book jacket from the photo above? Not only is the jacket lovely, but it was also housing this nice cover:

Another kitchen-related find I was ecstatic to snatch up: this spice rack for $3.99, including 16 glass spice bottles! As I mentioned back in this post, I've been coveting nice glass spice jars for a while now, and at basically $0.25 per jar, this was definitely a bargain! I will show you my new jars in action next week! I also have hopes to convert this spinning rack into a sprinkle carousel (like Melissa did) or some craft storage.

A sweet vintage toy in its original packaging also made its way into my cart. My sister and I were big tinker toy fans back in the day, and I just couldn't resist this cute tube with its metal top for only $3.

My last vintage find as of late? This fun advertising package from North Central airlines. It has a very 60's vibe to it. The brochure, envelope, stickers, and address labels were all tucked into the vellum pouch that's in the bottom right corner. The whole thing was $1.25, and I think I could score some pretty art out of this if I frame things or make photocopies to frame.

So there's all that. What finds have you found lately?

I'm linking up to A Living Space's Nifty Thrifty Party--be sure to check out their blog. They always find fabulous things!

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  1. I love all your finds--unusual stuff! I'm particularly fond of the books...I can't resist vintage books with pretty cover art. I have waaaayyy too many, but I keep buying them.

  2. Super fun finds. I really flashcards and the North Central Airlines ephemera - I am a sucker for vintage advertising and paper. I found you via A Living Space. I am also a Mizzou graduate (way before your time)and grew up north of Kansas City - I go to First Fridays when I can. And, although I have not lived in Montana, it is our favorite place in the world and would like to move there some day. We vacation in the Flathead Valley and stay at a friend's place at Swan Lake. Love it there!


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