Monday, November 12, 2012

A Global Sensation

Well, it's official. I'm hopping on the globe-loving blog bandwagon.

I've already shown my love for maps (both large and small) and state-related art, but until now I haven't had a globe, though I've been searching for an affordable one for the past few months. After all, they're all around  the blog world, looking fun-yet-classic in decor.

Katie from Bower Power had a cluster in her son's nursery, and eventually hung them from his ceiling (and PS, how cool is that teepee she made him?!):

Young House Love have a few around their home, including an adorable white one with a wooden whale base:


And one of my favorite thrift and vintage blogs, A Living Space, has a lovely grouping in their living room:

So I knew that I wanted to make a globe a member of our decor family. Little did I know that I would find two for what I consider steals--$14 apiece (compared to the $25+ I'd seen all summer as I thrifted).

One has a lovely wooden leg and the USSR marked on it, with continents in shades of brown, green, and yellow:

Here's a close up of that leg. I love the tone of the wood.

I put her next to our green chair and rustic-y console table in the living room. 

My other globe find was more modern (no USSR or Berlin wall) and has an off-white/pastel color scheme and a really cool bronze spine and foot!

This guy sits on our side table in the living room.

Someday I'd like to create a cluster of globes like the ones I linked to above, but for now these spots work!

What about you? Any map-related purchases of late?

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  1. I love the globe trend, too: I think you found two really great globes and I love the location you chose for the first one! :D


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