Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quick DIY: Pine-ing for a New Wreath

My name is Brittany and I have a slight wreath addiction.

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to the ones I've drooled over and dreamed of making.

So far I've shared a springy paper pinwheel wreath:

A coffee filter wreath, which I hung in our dining room:

And a Thanksgiving yarn wreath:

Now I'm back with another fall-inspired wreath. The supplies were simple: some pinecones (scooped up from around our apartment and left to dry in the sun to prevent any molding issues), a grapevine wreath, and some hot glue (not pictured, but I assume you know what a hot glue gun is...)

This wreath was so stinkin' easy to make that it really doesn't require a step-by-step. Just start gluing on pinecones at one point. Move from the middle of the wreath to the inner and outer edges, fitting the cones together as you see fit. Since my wreath was grapevine, I didn't bother to spray paint it, because any bits that show through are brown like the cones. I did try to alternate the directions I pointed my pinecones, so that you could see more of the dark insides of the cones and the lighter grayish-brown of the outside. I mostly used 3 pinecones for each "row," but sometimes used 4 to fill things in (especially if they were smaller cones).

And here she is hanging up on our door:

I like that this wreath is fall-ish without screaming THANKSGIVING! I think it's versatile enough to go on mid-September, hang out part of October (to be replaced by a more Halloween-y wreath--this one or this one, perhaps?), and then return again November 1st.

And I'm already thinking of making another pinecone wreath--this time one with a bit of spray paint to make faux-snow-covered cones, like so:

I also love these other nature-inspired wreaths, featuring corn husks:

Wheat stalks and leaves:

Sweet gum balls:

And wood coins:

Has anything else made a fall wreath lately?

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  1. You got your wreath obsession from me...

  2. Not sure how I missed this when you posted it but love it! I'm so obsessed with wreaths too!!


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