Friday, June 18, 2010

Dreaming of decor...

So, ever since Ryan and I found our first apartment (pictures in the post below) - well, actually, since before we found the apartment - I've been sort of obsessed with decorating the place. I think part of this stemmed from my sister getting her house last year. Seeing her have such fun with decorating really made me look forward to getting my first place!

I've already collected my fair share of decor (including the super cute quatrefoil themed bathroom set from Kohl's, pictured above), but most of it is for the living room, bathroom, office, or bedroom. Now I'm turning my attention to the dining and kitchen areas. I found this adorable green table at my favorite store in Missoula, Echo Echo Home Furnishings. Seriously, the stuff is so fun & eclectic, the prices are amazing, and the owner, Jennifer, is so kind and accommodating! She agreed to keep my purchases in her own home until I moved in August, so that I didn't have to haul it all down to MO and back.

I bought the two teal chairs and one wooden one, which I plan on painting the fun, spicy coral of the doorway in this picture. I also bought a wall shelf to paint coral, and I think I'm going to paint 2 shelves I own a sunshine yellow and an aqua, to keep up with the fun shades of the table and chairs!

Since I bought the table, I've been browsing on Etsy and for accessories to go with. I found these adorable "enchanted teacups" from MidwestFinds' etsy store (I love the colors and the vintage vibe - it would go great in my kitschy kitchen / dining area! P.S. Kitschy Kitchen is my new favorite phrase.)

and the beautiful mason jar gem votive holder, made from recycled glass. I also love the whimsical colors in these photos from RaceyTay's shop. The pictures look great, and I think they'd be cute in a nursery or playroom someday (especially the ferris wheel). At I found this vintage-y "Greetings from Missoula!" print, and I thought it would tie in well with the other coral and yellow elements of the room.

I also have a few design ideas for the living room, which is adjacent to the dining area. So far, we've bought one major piece of furniture: a futon! We knew we'd need a place for guests to stay, and once we visited Small Wonders Futons in Missoula, we found the right place! We got to pick out the wood type and style, as well as the cover fabric (both pictured). Ryan and I both agreed on the wood and the fabric right away, which bodes well for the decorating process as a whole!

I think that the leafy lime green and aqua fabric we picked will look good with the throw pillows that my sister is making me; the fabric is from Carnation Collection and features my favorite symbol, the quatrefoil :) If they don't match perfectly with the futon, we can always put them on our chairs or elsewhere in the living room.

I also have these colorful canvas bird prints from Target. I can't decide if they'd look better in the living room to match the brown, aqua, and lime and bring in some of the coral from the dining room, or if they should go somewhere in the kitchen to unify all of the spaces. I guess I'll have to wait and see once we move in and actually start decorating - for now, it's all in my head :) I'll probably post updates on our decor situation once we're settled in :)

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