Thursday, October 27, 2011

All "Fall"ed Up: Halloween

For the past few weeks I've been getting our apartment all "fall"ed up for Halloween! I thought I'd share a few pictures. I'm listing where I got each thing under the photos. After Halloween, I'll switch some things out for Thanksgiving and share the changes with you again :)


Miscellaneous glass pieces: Goodwill, Ross, or on hand
Labels: Martha Stewart Halloween collection from Michael's
Keep Calm and Scary On: Craftily Ever AfterEat, Drink, and Be Scary: Craftily Ever After
Trick or Treat chevron print: Sprik Space
Chevron pumpkin print: Two Twenty One
Halloween subway art: Eighteen25
Boo! bunting: here (with white paper backing) and somewhere else...can't find the BOO one at the moment!
Halloween-y sticks: Target
Raffia pumpkin: Target (last year)
Lantern: Michael's (summer sale)
Candle inside lantern: Michael's
Candle next to lantern: Ross
Orange candle holder: Ross
Black glitter pumpkin: Michael's
Large white frames: Walmart
Black frame: Walmart
5x7 white frame: Target
8x10 white frame: Target
Beware: Target dollar spot

Coffee table:

Bamboo platter: Ross
Gourds: Walmart
Orange candle: Crate & Barrel
Wicker balls: Pier1
Pine cones: the great outdoors
Leaf napkin: Crate & Barrel outlet
Apothecary jars: set of 3 from Ross
Acorn vase filler: Walmart
Wood vase filler: Walmart
Mini pumpkin vase filler: Michael's

Side table 1:

Glass pedestal bowl: Thrifted
Potpourri mix: Walmart
Candle: Target
Candle tray: Thrifted
Green lamp base: Walmart

Side table 2 (aka our creeeepy bar):
Miscellaneous glass pieces: Goodwill, Ross, or on hand (My fave is the pitcher from Goodwill--it has a spooky quality to it!)
Labels: Martha Stewart Halloween collection from Michael's
White tray: Target
Spider: Target dollar spot

TV stand:

Pumpkins: Walmart
Halloween sign: Pier1 (last year on sale)
Large apothecary jar: Ross
Pillar holder: Pier1
Maize: Walmart
Pine cones: mother nature
Candle: Target
Candle holder: Thrifted
Scent jar: Target
Branches: Target
Blue/bronze vase: Ross
Quatrefoil votives: Carnation Collection
Bronze tray: Walmart
Orange candles: Target

Kitchen table:

Large mason jar: Michael's
Quart-sized mason jars: Thrifted
Acorn vase filler: Walmart
Wood vase filler: Walmart
Centerpiece mat: orange scrapbook paper with ivory lace vellum overlay from Michael's
Vase: Pier1
Wheat: Ross
Label: Martha Stewart Halloween collection from Michael's

Dining Room wall:

White frames: Michael's
Wreath: DIYed with coffee filters & Michael's flat wreath form
BOO hanging: Pier1 (last year on sale)
Halloween art: framed scrapbook paper from Michael's

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