Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Thrift Wish List Update

Last May I shared my Thrift Wish List, and in the months that followed I managed to make a pretty big dent on the list! I figured I was due for an update, so here it goes.

Cork-topped jars:

I managed to snag 4 of these jars this summer--2 at a first Friday event for $4 each, and 2 at the Belton Goodwill for $2 each. I've already added 3 of them to my spice storage as shared last week.

Wheaton jars:

I really hit the jackpot with these little glass jars this summer--I found a handful at thrift stores for $0.99-$1.99, and 2 at a First Friday sale for $3. I also use these for storing spices.

Faux artichokes:

I snagged 6 of these faux artichokes for $5 during a lake trip this summer (much cheaper than the alternatives I researched!)

Milk bottles:

I bought 7 lovely milk bottles, all with unique colorful graphics, from a new flea market in Lee's Summit. They ranged from $2-3 each, which was a great deal since most go for $8 and up! 

Pyrex & milk glass cake stands:

I wrote a whole post detailing the additions to my Pyrex collection, but somehow it was deleted! :( But here's a snippet of it on the Pyrex Collective 3 blog. Anyway, I managed a lot of Pyrex scores this summer, including the above turqoise divided dish with a golden scroll lid from the Goodwill Outlet! Things are priced by the pound there, so I estimate this cost around $2, which is a major steal! (I may have screamed out loud when I spotted the telltale blue dish...and then I ran and snatched it up).

Also on the same Goodwill outlet trip (which was hands down my best thrift shopping trip EVER), I unearthed this gorgeous Fenton hobnail cake stand from a box full of glassware. These go for $35+ online, so this was another awesome deal. (Later on a woman gave me the stink-eye as if I would consider handing it over to her).

Print block drawers:

I'd been eyeing drawers priced $25+, so when I found one at the Goodwill Outlet priced at $2, I was thrilled! And would you believe that I found another one for an even better price? $0! Turns out my mother had a print block drawer tucked behind her office door, and she pulled it out for me! Wahoo!

Blue mason jars:

I found an assortment of well-priced blue mason jars this summer, including this deeper aqua 1 gallon wire clasp jar, and a 1 pint aqua Atlas jar.

Yellow coke crate:

I found two vintage coke crates this summer: one at a First Friday sale for $15, and one at a Red Racks for $10. They'll make great storage in our studio!

In addition to the coke crates, I also scooped up a 7-up crate and a Vess crate:

Metal or wooden card catalog:

I found this gray catalog at a Savers for $4.99. I also scooped up a cool metal folder caddy for $1.49, which I think looks great with the catalog drawers:

Antique fan:

I bought this lovely fan for $12 at one of my favorite shopping spots, the River Market antique mall.

Vintage tins:

I scooped up a variety of vintage tins over the past 5 months, including a set of 4 nesting kitchen tins at the Goodwill Outlet and the Gasoline Filler tin from my own garage.

White ceramic birds:

I found a pair of white birds at Savers for $3 total, and two brown birds for $3 that I spray painted white.

Since I did so well at finding many of my wish list items, I've since added a few more things to my list. So the following are my new items, along with those I haven't found yet (vintage wire locker baskets, wooden milk crate, vintage doctor's jars, vintage Fiesta relish tray, metal arc lamp, antique binoculars, and a vintage panoramic photo):

Brass elephants:

Hi-Speed Rotary Cookbook

Retro kitchen cannisters:

Vintage school map:

Dansk fish trivet:

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  1. Wow, I love love love the turquoise Pyrex with the golden scroll top - what a great score ! And the cake stand is darling. Great finds on the print block drawers too - can't wait to see how you use them. The two brown birds remind me a little of partridges.
    How I wish we had Goodwill Outlets around here !!

    ps - & did I mention I love the scroll !! LOL

  2. Too much fun! You are such a terrific shopper! I can't wait to shop with you next summer...


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