Monday, December 3, 2012

New Ornaments!

As my title suggests, I got a few new ornaments this year I wanted to share, courtesy of an ornament swap I participated in (and some vintage ones courtesy of myself). Before I reveal all our Christmas decorations, I figured I'd share these little details :)

First up, the ornament I received from the swap from the lovely Brin of Bold Butter Baby! I told Brin I had a food-themed tree that it would be nice to have a new ornament for, and she didn't disappoint when she scooped up this adorable mustard ornament to send me!

Here's a peek of it hanging out on my food tree--can you see it?

Brin was a sweetheart and also sent me some of her favorite eos lip balm, which I also love! Thanks, Brin! And thanks to Erin and Jessah for hosting.

Now on to the vintage baubles I picked out for myself while doing a little Christmas shopping at the local antique mall. I picked up this bundle of beauties for only $3 and spread them around our main tree.

I also nabbed this cute santa for $1.50.

I got two of these simple silver and white-striped orbs. I liked their patina!

Last but not least, I scooped up this red bell with lovely gold glitter detailing for $1.50. There's a chip in the red but I think it adds character :)

I will be sharing allll of our Christmas-y apartment in its full glory later this week! Stay tuned!

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  1. Awww, I love your food-themed tree! Such a great idea!


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