Friday, January 25, 2013

Fab Finds Friday: January 1-11th

I don't know about you, but with this new year came a newfound urge to purge my home of my unwanted stuff. (Maybe it's also the fact that we're moving in May and I don't want to make the move any more difficult by dragging along junk).  I've made a donation to Goodwill each week that I've stopped by there.

It looks like others are having that same urge, because I'm finding so many treasures at my thrift shops! I'm sharing what I unearthed during the first two weeks of 2013.

First up, this awesome microscope slide set for $4.99. There are 12 slides per box (none were missing, yay!) in fun categories: tiny creatures, plants, organs of insects, and animals.

Here's a glimpse of some of the slides:

I think they're much too pretty and cool to stay in the box, so I have a DIY project up my sleeve...

I also found this pretty little etched glass candle holder. I like the subtle floral detailing and the brass sides. It's sort of terrarium-esque. I'm crediting this $2.99 buy to my mom & dad since I used a Christmas gift card from them to buy it :)

I also found this little gold tree hanging out in the candle section. Initially I thought I'd paint it (maybe even something bold like emerald and teal--I want more of those accents around the house--which might make it look a bit like coral. But I might also just leave it natural. Brass and gold accents are kind of growing on me. 

I also grabbed this pair of milk glass vases, mostly because they were only $0.25 each! They already look great clustered with my growing collection.

This next one is a little whimsical. I just couldn't resist this little Volkswagen bus toy when I saw it for $0.99 because it reminds me of the little VW van on How I Met Your Mother.

I also snapped up this pretty little plate when it was half off. I'd admired it for weeks and decided it will look great in an eclectic gallery wall I have in mind for our new place. The gold detailing is quite pretty.

On my way out of Goodwill on one particularly fruitful shopping trip, I spied a bunch of my favorite cork-topped glass jars. A few were damaged so I skipped on them, but still ended up with these pretties. The smaller ones (two of which came with extra cork toppers) were $0.99 each, while the big guy was $1.99. I will probably use these as additional spice storage once we have a bigger pantry. These are also from my parents via that gift card :)

Also on my gift card shopping spree, I found a trio of chunky wooden candlesticks for $1.49 each:

I also found two more pieces for that eclectic gallery wall I mentioned earlier--one is a small 5x7 painting which I snatched for $0.99:

And the other is this old-timey looking print of "The Black Crow," which is an antiques shop! I thought it was cute and liked that it gives a nod to one of my favorite pastimes: shopping for vintage goodies :) Plus the frame is in good condition! It was $2.99.

Anyone else finding any goodies in 2013? Do tell!

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  1. 2013 has been good to you so far! I love the slides, how nifty!

  2. You have nice finds - those candlesticks are great.

  3. I think you are making donations so that you will have room for your new acquisitions! You really are a savvy shopper! Nifty finds!

  4. Whoa - seriously awesome finds!! That's good karma thrifting that's coming back to you - you donate, you find awesome stuff. It's the way the universe works, I guess.


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