Tuesday, June 22, 2010

DIY delights!

I haven't posted in a bit so I thought I'd post a teaser... I am starting a little DIY art project and wanted to show everyone the first part. I bought two canvases and am going to try my hand at painting in the lines - I taped up a design on both canvases, and for now I've just painted some of the blocks in lime green. When all is said and done (probably this Friday, when I am planning on painting my furniture and thus can use my leftover paint to finish the canvas projects and ensure that they match my color scheme) the art will be brown, a dark, spicy orange, lime green, and aqua. I didn't buy lime green paint in a can, so I went ahead and used craft paint that I already had. Anyway, here's the design I taped out:

I made some of the lines thicker than others to add interest. So once I add the colors and remove the tape, there will be a nice white line dividing all the colors! You'll just have to check back on Friday to see the results of my canvas project and the furniture updates! ;)

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  1. So excited you are painting! It is so much fun and I love decorating the walls with paintings done by yourself.


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