Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday Wish List

Since I am trying my very best to not give in to my shopping urges now, I decided to create a new blog tradition: Wish List Wednesdays! Here I can list the items I very much wish to purchase, but can't for reasons financial (too pricy!) or practical (no space, or the fact that I'm moving in August and don't need any more things to haul...). I thought sharing the lists would be fun, and even better, as I check out thrift shops, sales, craigslist, or craft stores, I might even find a cheaper version of my wish-list items, or dream up my own DIY version to share on here! (Here's hoping!) So without further ado, this week's top 5 Wish List Items:

1. Classic Symmetry Prints from Crate and Barrel. I've been obsessed with these for months and am seriously surprised (and proud!) that I haven't taken a shopping binge and ordered them. I love them because they're a classy way to work color into my decor, but I hate them because they are really freakin' expensive. $369? REALLY? I already have a DIY-ish project in mind involving super cute, elegant scrapbook paper, matting, and dark wood frames - but I need to find said cute scrapbook paper and also find frames that will be nice quality but not bank-breakers. Unfortunately the nearest craft store (Michael's) doesn't have the best selection of paper (and of course, the store in Columbia, which was oh-so-close when I was in college, had a TON of cute paper that I always diligently avoided.) So a trip to Hobby Lobby, Scrapbook Boutique (the local scrapbook store), or the Columbia Michael's might be in order.

2. Funky Wheel Wall Art Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils. While browsing blogs tonight, I stumbled across an ad for Cutting Edge and took a look at their designs. I looove this fresh pinwheel print, and wish very badly that I could own it and use it to create my own canvas art. Alas, it is $42.95, too much for a stencil in my opinion. If I was feeling super crafty I could maybe make an imitation stencil out of posterboard - or I could go the easy way and just keep searching for cheaper stencils in local stores.

3. Orange Overlapping Shells Purse from Toon Design's Etsy Store. I love shopping for handmade items on Etsy (they're usually beautiful products made by small business owners, so it's win-win: help them and buy something unique and lovely). Everyday items are featured on the front page (usually a theme or color unites all the selections), and this adorable little purse was featured today. Unfortunately by the time I discovered this chic and affordable ($17 including shipping? I'm there!) it was all sold out. Sad times. But she offers many other patterns in the same style, so after some perusing I may snag another purse. OR somebody could make my day by getting me one for Christmas ;) The store also features bridesmaid's clutches, which could come in handy as both I and my dear friend Kathryn Palagonia (who JUST got engaged!!! Congratulations, girl!!!) will be planning weddings soon!

4. Set of 3 Tea Lights from Target. I love the faux-wood look of these tea light holders from my fave store, Tar-jay! Ryan loves the woody, outdoorsy look, so these would satisfy his pleas for more natural accessories without being clunky or unfashionable. Sadly, at $44.99 these are not a steal. Unless I learn to carve wood to recreate them, I will most likely wait patiently for them to go on clearance or scour the internets and discount stores for lookalikes or substitutes!

5. Gerber Upholstered Chair in surf and cherry from Target. Wouldn't a pair of these puppies in Aqua look great with my futon? Better yet, if I had the room (and the moolah) I'd spring for two of the springy and spicy red ones in my would make such a lovely seating area! The bold patterns, the dark wood, the comfy looking cushions...I want it so bad, but at $299 it's a big no go! Maybe some clever craigslisting or thrifting and reupholstering with similar bold fabric could do the trick. But that's a project for another time!

So, what are your wish list items? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for checking out this Wednesday's wish list!

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