Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine's printable

I'm on a roll with making printables this week! Inspiration for this one completely comes from Sprik Space's blog...I just changed the font and colors to my liking. Here it is:

And the link if you'd like to print one yourself...just click on "File" and "download original" or "print." It might be a cute card design, too!


Hah, just after posting this I hit up Target to get the Kitchenaid hand mixer for $39.99 + a $10 gift card. While there, I cruised the decor aisles and saw this:

$19.99! And I made it myself for free and popped it in a frame I already had on hand! Mine's a bit smaller but I like it like that.

I also stopped myself from buying this lil cutie, knowing I could likely make it myself:

Since I only decorate for V-day for a teensy bit of time, I think being thrifty and doing as much DIY as possible is very important!

Well I'm off to cook some Super Bowl snacks (and put away my Christmas decorations during the game! Whoops, I am so slow!)

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