Saturday, February 12, 2011

Adorable giveaway from my friend Katie!

You know that girl who is the sweetest gal you know?

Kind? Compassionate? Hardworking? Classy, put together, all-over-just-plain fabulous?

My friend Katie from Live Originally is that girl.

She founded her own business at like, age 14 or something insanely impressive like that.

She designs and sews custom wedding gowns.

She used to run a blog about all things wedding, but after planning her own and thinking about weddings for years and years, she (understandably) got a little burnt out. Now she also runs Live Originally, an adorable (and gorgeous looking!) blog about crafting, design, sewing, homemaking, etc.--basically all things fabulous, just like her!

Katie has a great giveaway going on now, but it only lasts through today! You can win these cute as pie pouches that she sewed herself.

{photo from Live Originally}

Head on over to Katie's to enter! And even if you don't win, check out her awesome tutorial!

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  1. You are TOO SWEET Brittany! Thank you for posting about the giveaway, but thank you even MORE for your kind words!! Makes me want to cry (a good kind of cry). :)

    Side note: If you have a button for your blog, would you pretty please send it my way!? I want to post it on mine!! :D

    Thanks again!!

  2. I will be featuring your weekly calendar printable at therapeutic crafting Thursday. We will be doing a "Getting Organized" series starting june 6th! Come join the fun and submit any tips or tricks you have used to get featured!


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