Friday, February 24, 2012

Ombre paint chip wall art

Another pinterest inspired DIY coming your way!

I spied this wall art at Young House Love and fell in love. Add in the fact that it's made of paint chips & I was so there. Free art? Holla.

I grabbed some shades of gray, brown, tan, and beige from WalMart and arranged them in an ombre order I dug.

Then I used tape to stick them onto a sheet of white paper (I just turned around the stock photo that was in the frame, popped it behind the mat, and taped to that). The frame was only $11.99 at Ross--pretty sweet deal for a 16x20!

I hung the art up in our bedroom next to our dresser.There used to be a black quatrefoil mirror there, so I moved it next to the window (which helped balance out a picture that we have hanging on the other side.)

Again, a super cheap and easy project, and I love how it turned out! The colors all go really well with the ones in our bedroom, but I could easily change some out if I wanted to move it to another spot.

Linking up to Our Humble A{bowe}d, Maillardville Manor, and Russet Street Reno's One Percent Pinspiration (artwork edition) partay!

And the CSI project:

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  1. I love this! Visiting from csi project

  2. Hi, I am visiting from the CSI Project. I just wanted to say that I really love this. I really like the colors and the way you laid them out I think it looks great.

  3. Nice! I love how simple materials can make something so lovely.


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