Sunday, February 12, 2012

On the menu

I decided to try a new method to motivate me to do 2 things: 1. blog more and 2. cook more new recipes. So I'm going to share what's on the menu in our household for the next week. I will make at least one new recipe per week, then share what I liked and what I didn't!

Sunday, February 12: Breakfast for dinner (pancakes, cheesy hashbrowns, sausage links, bacon, eggs).

Monday, February 13: Cornish game hens with garlic and rosemary. Also, it's our one-month anniversary :)

Tuesday, February 14: Special Valentine's Day Dinner! I'm attempting to make Ryan's favorite dish, Filet Oscar, which is a filet covered in crab, bearnaise sauce, and asparagus. Along with that I will make these smoked gouda mashed potatoes, these cream-braised brussels sprouts, these imitation Red Lobster biscuits, and some dark chocolate Ghirardelli brownies. Mmmmmm! This is a really ambitious meal plan and all are new recipes...crossing my fingers that it turns out okay!!

Wednesday, February 15: I have class from 3-10 on Wednesdays, so I don't make dinner those nights.

Thursday, February 16: Cheddar Beer Chicken. I'm going to use Boulevard Wheat for the beer--should be yummy!!

Friday, February 17: BBQ salmon for Ryan, Parmesan broiled tilapia for me. (I don't really dig salmon and he doesn't really dig tilapia, so I just make us two kinds of fish.)

Saturday, February 18: I'm hosting a Jurassic Park movie marathon, so we're being bad and eating lots of fried appetizer type foods.

Sunday, February 19: An old favorite, Chicken Tortilla Soup. Mmmmmm!

I'm excited to try all these new recipes and share my verdict with you!

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