Friday, June 8, 2012

Fab Finds Friday: A Few Craft Studio Finds

On Monday I shared the vision my sister and I have for our future craft studio/office. Now I'm back to share some of the goodies we've purchased to decorate the room with so far! Warning: I use the words "spray paint" about a million times in this post. I was not compensated by a spray paint company to do so. (I wish!). Most of these items are a little ucky on the outside and need some lovin' to make them lovely. Of course I'll share their after looks soon, but for now, here they are!

My first finds were actually scored way back in Missoula. The large bulletin board was $1.99 at Goodwill, and I scooped up the two smaller ones for $0.50 apiece at the YWCA Thrift. Sis and I plan to spray paint the larger one and cover the smaller two in fabric.

I also scored a major steal on two blue lamp bases at Goodwill. I knew I'd seen them at Target, and just assumed they must've gone on clearance and that the store donated them when they wouldn't sell. But then a few days later I saw them on the shelves at Target, still retailing for $29.99 each! Considering I got two for $20, I'd say this was an amazing purchase!

Here's a close up of one of the lamps to show you their color. They're not the deep teal shade that we're basing the room around, but their pale blue and silver bases look great with the color scheme.

Also back in Missoula, I snagged this Pottery Barn Teen look-alike at TJ Maxx for a fraction of the PB price--$6.99! We have plans to spray paint it teal and use it as a desk organizer.

Next up, this little wooden shelf for $0.99 from Savers! My mom, sister, and I hit up their Memorial Day sale, which did not disappoint! With a little goldenrod spray paint, this guy will be a great place to stash crafty odds and ends like tubes of glitter, scrapbook embellishments, glue sticks, rubber stamps, etc.

I also grabbed a few metal containers to store odds and ends in the studio. The green tin was $0.49 and hails from Goodwill, while the red pails were Target Dollar Spot scores. They'll also receive a spray paint facelift.

This metal magazine rack was only $4.99 from Saver's--and it matches one that my mom scooped up for me in Missoula! Both will be painted teal and used to store documents for our business--client information sheets, inventory lists, contracts, etc.

With a coat of (you guessed it) spray paint, this little metal rack will make a great place to stash file folders on our desktop!

I also scored this lovely magazine rack for $2.99 from a Red Racks thrift store. I loved its graceful shape, but wasn't very keen on the color--but I know it'll look great in teal!

I'm so excited to transform these finds! It really is amazing how a coat of paint can completely change an item. I'll be sharing their new looks next week. 

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