Friday, June 1, 2012

Fab Finds Friday: Missoula Estate Sale

Before we departed Missoula for the summer, I managed to hit up an awesome estate sale. I remember going to estate sales with my maternal grandparents as a child, and I loved them. I suppose it was my thrifting passion kicking in as a child.

I always gravitated to the knick knacks and toys when I was younger, but eventually I moved on to furniture and books. My sister snapped up a great end table from a sale a few years back (still jealous of that one, sis!) At my most recent sale, of course, I was drawn to the kitchenware and decor. I ended up with some serious scores in both departments!

I approached the sale hoping to score some Pyrex, and I was not disappointed. I spotted this snowflake blue loaf pan right when I walked into the kitchen, and snatched it up for $1!

My other Pyrex score? This 2.5 quart spring blossom Cinderella bowl for $2! This bowl is extremely hard to photograph. For some reason natural light made it look really splotchy, when it isn’t at all in person.

There are also a few pinpricks of color loss that become way more apparent when light floods the bowl—but head-on nestled with my other colorful mixing bowls, you really can’t see them:

They all look so great with the colors of my map:

I also managed to snag an item from my thrift wish list—a small metal file drawer for $4! It even included little file folders.

Ideally I wanted a 2-drawer piece, but I couldn’t pass up this deal. I think It’d look good stacked on a 2-drawer unit if I ever find one. I’ll probably use this guy to store my receipts.

Next up, I got this fun yellow cup and two lovely books, all $0.25 apiece. The pattern on the cup kinda looks like scribbly plaid. I think it’ll make a sweet pen cup in my future craft studio. And the books were a total steal given that even Goodwill charges $3 for similar books—they’re even pricier online! The minty green floral one is Little Women by Louisa May Alcott—one of my favorite books and movies—and the other is a Reader’s Digest compilation.

Last but not least, for $2 I also scooped up this trio of decorative balls, two twiggy ones, one with little green berries. The green one sort of resembles an Osage orange, so I suppose I can consider it a thrift list score, too!

So that’s what my first Missoula estate sale finds entail! I think I did pretty well for just under $10!

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