Thursday, June 14, 2012

Where I've Been

I apologize for the lack of posts this week, lovely readers! You see, the busyness of life has gotten in my way a bit and kept me from blogging. I did have a post scheduled for yesterday, but as some of you may have seen, when it published it was empty and now the post seems to have disappeared  (???? What, Blogger?). So I'll just share the craft studio floor plan next week.

For now, I figured I'd share a few updates on what I've been doing that's kept me from blogging. All of these projects/events will be blogged about in full this is sort of a preview of what's to come!

Lately, I've been working hard with my sister so we can launch our vintage rental and party craft business (more on that here):

{our blog banner}

{some of our inventory}

And taking plenty of trips to KC's new Goodwill Outlet with my family, Ryan, and my sister-in-law:

{we're hams, we know.}

{bahaha, check out my brother-in-law posin' for the camera.}

{spray painting so many things at once takes a while, y'all. but here's a sneak peek of a few things that are finally finished}

Prepping to paint our bedroom and bathroom, which included lots of spackle, tape, sanding, and wall-washing (painting to occur today...or this weekend...):

Cleaning messes and recreating them each week:

{studio space relatively clean in preparation for bachelorette sleepover!}

{messy again after an inventory photoshoot, some sorting, and many Goodwill Outlet trips}

Scoring many new Pyrex gems:

{yes, I realize I'm addicted}

Preparing to launch a vintage store on Storeenvy--here are some of my wares:

{see, I don't always keep everything I buy!}

Visiting Columbia to help my best friend prepare for her wedding (their puppy helped, too):

{check out how cute these lacy mason jars look! can't wait to share details of their wedding after the big day}

And spending time with my family:

{roasting hot dogs at Ryan's house}

{every year we attend KC's Scottish Highland Games--photos courtesy of my mother}

Whew! So that's what's been keeping me from this little old blog. Sometimes I don't know how big name bloggers balance so many home projects plus jobs and raising their kids. Even though it's summer, I feel like I have a fuller plate than I do during the school year--funny, right? But I don't mind because so many exciting things are happening, and I can't wait to see where they lead!  I'm definitely a point in my life where I have room to go for it, which I'm thankful for.

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  1. Hey! I'm from the KC area and have been wanting to check out the Goodwill outlet! Is it amazing?! Love your new Pyrex finds!

  2. Well done, dearie! I KNOW how busy you have been!


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