Monday, June 11, 2012

Whozits and Whatsits Galore

No, this post was not sponsored by The Little Mermaid. Rather, it's about a quick craft project I did to dress up a quartet of thrifted jars.

I first picked up one of these lovely lidded jars at Goodwill in Missoula for $0.99.

(In case you're confused, it's the one on the very back left with all the yellow arrows pointing to it. Ha!)

I scooped up a trio of matching jars for $3 total on a recent thrift trip, and then perused Pinterest for a little inspiration. What could I do with my new group of jars?

Should I add a vintage label and use them to stash cotton balls, bandaids, and Q-Tips in the bathroom?


Or apply some etched labels and stock them with treats in the kitchen?


Eventually, I realized that my ideal project was right under my nose. I'd pinned these "Things & Such" jars a few months ago and it turns out the jars I'd bought were actually identical to those ones (a happy coincidence!)


Since I had four jars, I decided to use two phrases: Odds & Ends andThis & That. Whozits and Whatsits didn't make the cut, but almost did, so I couldn't resist titling the post in this manner :)

This was a super simple project: I just washed the jars, used my Silhouette to cut out some chalkboard labels, then adhered them to the jars. I left my chalkboard pen in Missoula and am too cheap to buy a new one (ha!) so I just used some regular old chalk to write on the labels. (Even though using real chalk gives me the hives, and makes my handwriting look like a 5th grader's!)

For now, the jars hold my washi tape, glue sticks, stamps and ink pads, tape, etching creme, and binder clips. They're cute, functional, inexpensive, and easy to make--four of my favorite things when it comes to DIYing!

And so, another project was checked off my craft to-do list! Since it's summer, I hope to get at least 10 of the DIYs on my "Gotta Craft This" board done. So far, I've completed the wedding shadowbox and now these jars. I better get a move on!

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  1. Cute & Crafty
    Neat & Nifty
    Good & Plenty
    Good -- Better -- Best
    Thingamabobs & Whatchamacallits

    You get the idea!


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