Friday, March 9, 2012

Fab Finds Friday: Antiquing Adventures

Since I'm an avid shopper and I like sharing my purchases when I find a good deal, I decided to start a new series here on the blog--on some Fridays I'll share my latest fabulous finds!

This past Saturday, I hit up my favorite local antique stores, the Montana Antique Mall, with my friend Beth (an antiquing virgin!). I thought I'd post a few of my favorite finds, along with some "What in the world?!" items that we encountered along the way (antique malls are always good for that!)

I'm a sucker for antique kitchen stuff. So far I have an old box grater, a flat slicer/grater, and a potato masher with a weathered wooden handle. I've been wanting a rolling pin, but am holding out for a great price and color. But this wall of kitchen stuff, especially the sifters, had me drooling!

I've also been wanting an antique scale for ages! I think it would look adorable nestled in a corner, maybe with a fruit bowl stacked on it. I saw this guy, but didn't snag him because I'm holding out for a white or yellow one.

I also have a growing collection of blue mason jars. We used them as vases for our reception centerpieces. I just love the aqua shade! I didn't grab any more blue ones, but Beth did buy a lidded jar.

I loved this creamy white medicine cabinet. Of course, there's not really a need for it since we live in an apartment, but if we had a house and were looking to redo a bathroom, I would have snatched it up!
I also liked the shape and detail on this glass piece. I thought it serve as a cute candy dish. It wasn't a need, though, so I left it behind.

This stag would look great on a shelf or mantel--too bad he was $68!

And now, on to the bad/questionable/crazy things we found along the way. These ceramic head mugs caught my eye. Needless to say, we did not become friends.

Another creepy ceramic human--this is a shaker for baby powder. Look at those eyes! How scary!

These weren't hideous or scary, but I thought they were sort of funny! Check out these wooden clogs:

This blue swan figurine is kinda goofy and grandma-esque. Beth and I decided if we were Grandmas, we'd buy it and put peanuts in it and offer them to our visitors.

Here's Beth posting with a great mirrored sign. She's Canadian, and the sign said something like "Lord Calvert of Canada!" so it was a great fit.

And of course it wouldn't be Montana without at least one dead animal:

So what did I come home with? First, I found this Montana poster. I'd actually been eying it on Etsy for the past few weeks, and I almost bit the bullet and bought one. Now I'm so glad that I held out, because I got it for only $3.50, while the Etsy one retails for over $20!

I popped it in an 11x14 frame I'd previously purchased from Ross ($11.99!) and hung it by the window in our bedroom.

I also found this worn red letter F. I have a bit of an alphabet obsession, and I thought $9 was a fair price for this letter--it's around 9" high and I love its weathered look.

And lastly, though I didn't head home with a blue mason jar, I couldn't resist getting this Kerr Economy jar. I like its wide mouth--I think it'll be a great addition to our kitchen. I think I'll fill it with dishwasher soap tablets.

After our shopping trip, Beth & I headed to a local sandwich shop, The Staggering Ox. I'd never been before, and it was delicious! Their bread is actually baked in the shape of a cup, so it's like eating a sandwich burrito! Here's a picture:

All in all, I had a wonderful time introducing Beth to the wonderful world of antiquing. She not only got a blue mason jar, but she also grabbed a vintage Charlie Brown book. And on our way out I spotted a flier announcing an Antiques & Collectible sale this weekend! We're planning on hitting it up tomorrow, so I may have more antique finds to share with you all soon!

What about you? Any antiquing or thrifting lately? Have you ever considered buying something online, then found it for less in person? It's a bit like finding $5 in an old purse!

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  1. first of all, that bread cup thinger looks AMAZING. secondly, you totally scored with that poster. it's super cool! and creep baby things usually sell pretty well on etsy! ;S

    1. Leah--It was SO delicious. And good to know about the babies...maybe I will start collecting creepy dolls to sell on Etsy. Perhaps people use them in Halloween vignettes?

  2. Great poster! Aren't you glad you waited?! That sandwich is intriguing!

    1. Laurie--SO glad I waited! Patience is usually not my virtue...but this time, I'm so glad I didn't jump the gun!


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