Saturday, March 31, 2012

Handmade Thank You Notes!

Since I love a good DIY, I decided to go ahead and make my own Thank You notes to send to my wedding guests. I wanted to create colorful, fun, and inexpensive ones.

After browsing a few wedding books (picked up at the library by my wonderful Mother-in-Law), I saw an idea that I wanted to modify. I don't have an exact picture since it's from a book, but here's a similar one from Martha herself:


Basically it's a paper card that's cut and folded to look like a heart. You unfold it and the message is written on the inside. I loved the idea of unfolding the card to reveal the message--but I thought instead of hearts, why not make it an envelope?

So I hit up Michael's and got a pack of colorful cardstock, a pack of fun patterned scrapbook paper, and some plain white cardstock. I cut each piece of white cardstock in half, cut the colored paper into rectangles to surround the white, and then cut the colored cardstock into rectangular strips. I used a coffee can to trace a round edge at the top of each piece of colored cardstock to form the envelope lip, then cut it out.

Next came the assembly. I used double-stick tape to adhere the white cardstock to the patterned paper, then the patterned paper to the colored cardstock. Some folding, and voila! I had a card and envelope all in one!

There are tons of patterns and colors:

And here's one all gussied up on the front, addresses removed for privacy:

This was a really affordable and easy thing to do--gotta love 40% off coupons and crafts that you can do while watching TV. And older sisters who also help you craft ;)

If I hadn't gone the DIY route, these options from Etsy caught my eye, too:


I love the graphic splashiness of this one from Lovebird Paper.


Our wedding was peacock-themed, so this card from Soda-Pop Prints would've fit right in!


I love photo cards, and the simplicity of this design by Mink Cards! We'll probably use a wedding photo for our Christmas cards this year.


Quatrefoils? Check. Paper cutouts? Check. Fun fonts? Check. Bright colors? Check. Love it! This one's from Paperdipity.


Yaymeeralee designed this sleek chevron card...I like the teal version the best!


This fun typographic card from Lulaloo Cards also struck my fancy.

How do you say "Thank You!"?? And is anyone else in the mood to browse Etsy for hours on end now?

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