Friday, February 8, 2013

Fab Finds Friday: January 12th-31st

All the new year cleaning that people are doing means one thing: well-stocked thrifts! In the tail end of January, I found a bunch of holiday items, some Pyrex, antique jars, and more!

First up, this cute little pinecone carafe for just $1. I think it'll look quite good with my pinecone space saver that I got from Madee

I also found a bunch of vintage ornaments from the antique mall. I plan on having an all-vintage tree next year, just like my mother-in-law! Here's a cute little Santa for $1:

A trio of printed ornaments for $1:

A large teardrop for $2:

These three indent ornaments were just $3! They are so lovely:

These teardrop indents were $3 as well.

I liked these striped cuties that were $1 total.

And these little bells were too sweet to pass up at $2.

I just love antique jars. I found this beautiful little blue one at the antique mall for $5. I love the rusty old lid and the fact that it's from Boston, one of my favorite cities!

This oddly-shaped jar was $3. I like its green lid!

I just love vintage labels, too! This peach can was $5. Aren't the graphics cool?

I found a 1 pint Butterfly Gold casserole for $1.99. It's not my absolute favorite pattern, but the casserole was in great condition and I just love its size!

I've also been scoring in the frame department lately. The art inside this weathered wood one isn't my style, but for $5.99 I liked the large frame!

More Pyrex! This Town & Country divided dish was $4.99 and in mint condition. I love divided dishes for serving and baking 2 foods at once, so I new I wanted it!

This, my friends, was quite the steal at $9. It might seem like a steep price for a smaller bowl, but this one is part of the rare "Eyes" chip and dip set, and it has sold on eBay for $50. So when I saw it at the antique mall, I snatched it up!

I've also gotten a lot of candle holders lately. This one with dark wood and faux stained glass looked like something my husband would love--he has always liked stained glass--and indeed, when I showed it to him, he loved it!

I've had this vision for a fancy schmancy bar set up ever since Chris & Julia shared theirs over at A Living Space. Seriously, isn't it chic? 

{photo from A Living Space}

Anyway, I thought that these silver-rimmed cordial glasses would look great in the vintage bar area I want to have eventually. I would love to find a vintage 2-shelf bar cart like they have! I have also started collecting vintage alcohol bottles when I come across well-priced ones with cool labels. I think they'd be fun to display along with vintage barware and our wines and spirits.

Last but not least, I got this acrylic cookbook holder for $0.99. I've been wanting one of these for a while, and they sell for $10 online, so I was happy to scoop it up!

Any other thrifters finding tons of goods?

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  1. That pine cone carafe is PERFECT haha! And I love all your ornaments! Jealous!

  2. OMG! Your thrift store finds never cease to amaze me!

    I never see anything like the good stuff you discover - but I seem to discard what I think is "trash" but seems to be "treasure."

    You are going to be my thrifting consultant, for sure!

  3. Nice finds - love those Eyes.
    I also really like that jar with the green lid - such a different shape - I wonder what it contained originally.
    And you found a good number of those beautiful ornaments - good for you!


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