Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Vintage Displays

Since I've been hitting gold so much during my recent thrifting adventures, it was time to remix some of my vintage vignettes. I was really inspired to do so after I picked up two sunny yellow Pyrex pieces at Goodwill--a 1.5 quart #402 for $2.99:

And a 1 1/2 quart lemon carafe for $1.99.

 I loved these sunshiney finds, but didn't necessarily have a good spot to display them. So it was time to pull out all my Pyrex and rearrange things. 

As evidenced by my blog, I love the combination of yellow and blue, so I decided to pair my new bowl and other yellow pieces with my aqua butterprint collection and robin's egg blue "Eyes" bowl.

They're all perched above our island in our kind of odd space created by our vaulted ceilings.

This vignette really ties in well with my happy wall. And look, you can even see the lemon pitcher peeking from the top of cabinet next to the sink.

Here's a better shot of that cabinet vignette. I bought the cake stands 2 years ago from Bed, Bath, & Beyond (clearanced at $14.99, woot!) The orange pitcher was an antique store find for $5 from last summer, and a vintage aqua nut chopper that was my grandma's.

On the other side of the island shelf I arranged my milk glass and my horizon blue bowl set. I still have my pinwheel bouquets from last year's baby shower, so I displayed those for a little more color.

Waaaaay back in August during my long blogging hiatus, I saw a neighbor dragging something to our apartment complex dumpster. It was a rickety wooden corner shelf. After she went back in (and after I did a little looking around to make sure that no one was watching) I promptly pulled it out of the dumpster and brought it inside. After some cleaning and fixer-uppering, the shelf was sturdy enough to be propped in our dining room corner.

Now it holds a plethora of vintage goodies--tins, bakeware, utensils, Pyrex, and more!

My cookbook shelf also has a few pieces of Pyrex on it, including a $1.99 Golden Honeysuckle casserole with a cool wooden cradle.

I think my Snowflake Blue loaf pan looks great nestled in there.

And my Dandelion piece looks cute with a light blue frame on top.

The shelf next to our dishwasher used to host more of my Pyrex, but since I changed things up just the top two tiers do.

The bottom three shelves store our cake stand & dome, dutch oven, and cat plates/treats.

Lastly, I grouped my green & brown pieces atop our cabinets. Most of these items were thrifted for no more than $4.99! I kind of dig this color combination, even though the bright pieces are still my favorite!

Stay tuned for even more decor tweaks I'll be sharing--there's been some redecorating around these parts, and almost every project I've completed has had a ripple effect on other spaces! Can't wait to share! Til then, spill--how do you display your vintage finds or your collections?

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