Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Will You Be My Valentwine?

I love a good holiday vignette, so I popped a few Valentine's Day decorations in our place this year.

As a wreath lover, I couldn't pass up a heart wreath form for $1.99 from Goodwill. I wrapped it with twine and created some "LOVE" bunting with scrapbook paper and glittery chipboard letters. One white satin ribbon to hang it, and boom! A V-Day sight greets our guests at the door.

Since our apartment doesn't have a fireplace (ha, I wish!), our entry bookcase has to function as a mantel. Thus, I like to swap out the art for seasonal prints. All of it was found online and printed at Costco, except the LOVE canvas, which was on clearance at Target last year.

I decked the top of the shelf with a ton of thrifted goodies that I already owned: a blue mason jar ($5), bird ($0.99), a collection of red books, and a white birdcage with an old Valentine's card inside ($4.99). The globe was from Ross a while back.

The bottom two shelves also featured vignettes of items I already owned: our dictionary page backed monogram, a Target dollar spot plate (bought last year) which is propped up on a heart-shaped bookend, and a cute white bird from Ross.

I also framed a free "Keep Calm & Love On" print and propped it up next to some photos and a glittery "Love" block (another dollar spot score.)

I also strung up a little chevron love banner by our dining room memo station.

The kitchen also got a spot of V-Day love in the form of these towels (compliments of Gabriella in last year's Valentine's Day swap):

And this art:

Anyone else out there decorating a bit for V-Day?

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  1. You are so creative! And you have so much energy to continually renew your decor with vignettes!

    I tend to throw something together, and then keep it that way...and not even bother to dust it weekly! The only time the decorations change is for the Christmas holidays!

    Maybe some of your creative decor will find its way upstairs now and then...


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