Friday, March 1, 2013

A Look at Our Living Room

As I teased in last week's Fab Finds Friday post, some of my thrifty finds have been placed in new living room vignettes. After taking down my Christmas and Valentine decor, I was definitely ready to switch things up in there!

As a refresher, check out this post to see what our living room looked like earlier this year (I love a good before and after!) And now, here's what it looks like now:

And here are all the lovely little details:

{Coffee table: from my mother-in-law // Decorative balls: Pier1 and Ross // Oval tray: Ross}

{Bookshelf: Target // Bird Art: Target (a gift from my wonderful sister) // Globe: $14, Montana Antique Mall}

{Tree votive holders: $0.99 each, Goodwill // Antique shipping routes map: $25, Rocky Mountain Maps // Frame: Walmart // Bird: $0.99, Goodwill}

{Books: $1.49 each, Goowdill}

{Clock & letterpress apostrophe: River Market Antiques // White Butterfly: Target // Cheese dome: $1.99, Goodwill // Moss Rocks: Ross //  White Bird: $3.99, TJ Maxx} 

{"V" art: Prairie Sisters vintage market // Small globe: Ross // Letterpress R: River Market Antiques // Vintage camera: thrifted // Wooden fruit: $2.50, Goodwill}

{Gunlocke ChairPrairie Sisters vintage market // Stars: Ross // Wii storage ottoman: Walmart // State pillows: Uncommon Goods (gifted from my awesome mama // Quatrefoil pillows: Sewed by my sister // Frames: Walmart}

{Map: $15, thrifted // Console table: $70, Roomer's Consignment Gallery // Bookends: Gift from husband's grandparents // Jar: $5, thrifted // Frame: TJ Maxx // Parking meter: Gift from White Elephant exchanged // White vase: Ross // Baskets: Michaels}

{Chunky candlesticks: $1.49 each, Goodwill // Candles: Target // Stained glass lantern: $1.99, Goodwill // Window: $20, Echo Echo Furniture // Small painting: $0.99, Goodwill // Gold letter "N"Prairie Sisters vintage market // Iron & glass candleholder: $5.99, thrifted // Lamp: Pier1}

{Globe: $14, Montana Antique Mall // Frames: TJ Maxx // Aqua tray: $0.99, thrifted // Candle: Target}

{Blue jar: Target // Berries: Target // Pillar holder: $1.49, Goodwill // Oil-rubbed bronze lantern: $2.99, Goodwill}

{Lantern: Michaels // Vase: Ross // "13" Letterpress numbers: Preserve Cottage on Etsy}

I am seriously loving how "done" the living room looks now. To some people it might look a little crowded/cluttered (especially since it's a smaller space), but I've always loved a collected, "filled" look (like Candace Olsen if she were a flea market frequenter). Once we have a bigger living space I'm sure I'll spread out my surface decorating a bit more :) I am excited to move back home but kinda bummed to pack this all away. Then again, I will have a whole new space to decorate and share! Wahoo!

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  1. looks good! love all the books :). and I like the way you put the globe on a stand on top of the shelf--the height it adds works nicely there.

  2. looks good as the way you put the globe on a stand on top of the rack -the tallness it includes works superbly there


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