Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Mother Earth, that is.

I probably had you checking the calendar with that title. Yes, I am aware that actual Mother's Day isn't for another month! (I've already ordered your present, though, mom!) But today is Earth Day, so I figured I'd round up a few projects I’ve completed (and some I’ve pinned to do) that all have to do with preserving or celebrating nature!

First up is my recycling organization system and these FREE printable recycling labels I shared in this post—check it out for specific details on how I set up a recycling center in our small apartment:

Next up, how I used styrofroam, cardboard, and fabric to create a free bulletin board rather than throwing the Styrofoam away:

And how I used tin cans, gum containers, scrapbook paper, and stickers to create some kitchen storage:

Now here are the Earth-y projects I've pinned and would love to complete!

Color me OBSESSED with this pop bottle jewelry organizer created by Jen at Epbot. I will be doing this ASAP.


This plastic bag wreath is a chic way to use up all of those shopping sacks you may have accumulated over the years! 


I try to use canvas bags whenever I shop, but sometimes I forget them at home and have to accept plastic bags. I always save them to use as  small trash bags, plus Wal-Mart has a bag recycling program, but this project would be a cute way to use up some of the bags in my stash!

I also love the idea of bringing a little earth into my home by creating a lovely little terrarium in one of my blue mason jars, like so:


Lovely, right? I like the idea of switching the contents out for each season, too!

And another great recycling project which I just might have to complete: making bookmarks out of food boxes! 


We can't recycle paperboard in Missoula, and I always seem to be losing my bookmarks, so this DIY would kill two birds with one stone. (In true Earth Day fashion, no actual birds were harmed in the making of that metaphor). 

How do you celebrate Earth Day? Any DIYs up your sleeve?

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  1. fabulous ideas! every one!!! thanks!
    I am your newest follower from the hop..pls follow back if you can.
    happy earth day.


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