Friday, April 6, 2012

My alphabet collection

In my first Fab Finds Friday post, I shared some antiquing purchases with you, one of which was a fun and weathered red F.

Well, what I didn't tell you then was that I have a growing collection of letters around our place. Someday plan to use in a nursery (with the letters in alphabetical order, since I'd want the little one to memorize the alphabet) or maybe a library/office (with the letters scrambled up, just to make things interesting), like these inspiration photos:


I love the robin's egg blue and tangerine together, plus the pops other colors brought in by the letters--I might have to steal the color scheme!



For now the letters have various homes around the apartment, like over our bed:

And perched on our dining room windowsill:

And on a living room end table: 

And on our entryway bookshelf:

And on a side table in our bedroom:

And on our office shelf:

And on my desk:

As you can see, the letters are spread about, and it's a little hard to keep track of which ones I have. Thus, when I went antiquing with Beth and I came across a F, I almost didn't buy it because I wasn't sure if I had one or not. Eventually I decided that I loved the look of the red guy, so I brought him home any way. And I recently rounded up all of my letters and took a photo that I can now reference when I'm about to make another letter purchase. (I did forget to get down the "R," "B" and "V" from over the bed, but I think I like our above-the-bed grouping so much that I need to replace the "R" and "V" for my alphabet collection, anyway.)

So there you have it! My own alphabet collection. I have a few doubles, but that's fine by me, since I clearly like to stash them around the apartment as decor! I want the overall look of my collection to be very eclectic and fun, so I think in the future I want to buy a few more colorful letters. It's hard to see in the above picture, but the G, P, and U all have different patterns to make them unique. I may end up replacing one of them to mix things up a little bit.

Do you have any collections? Where do you keep them?

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  1. Your ABC decor is so chic! And it is an apt theme for a writer. Can't wait to see your apartment.

  2. I love the alphabet look and was thinking about it for a future nursery too!

  3. This is so happening in my apartment! I've already started my collection!


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