Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dollar Store Craft #3: Bulletin Board Center

This post marks the last of my Dollar Store Craft imitations -- but I did find some steals of my own and of course added my crafty touch to the materials. Posts on these projects will be coming soon!

Back to the present...another Dollar Store Craft I absolutely adored was the bulletin board center by Joanne.

I'd already been eying the uber-organized memo center from Pottery Barn, but it is waaaaay out of my budget.

So, after seeing Joanne's idea and snagging the bulletin boards from Dollar Tree, I decided to really mimic the look of the pricey Pottery Barn centers. Thus, I did not emulate the ribbon connecting Joanne's boards, and I painted the wooden frames of the boards black. (Side note: at first I used ordinary acrylic craft paint for this job, but it wasn't covering at all.

Then I turned to my new BFF, Valspar spray paint in flat black, and it worked its magic!)

Best of all, the paint didn't seep through the magazine clippings/tape I used to cover the cork!

I also added a step that Joanne didn't mention: gluing cardboard behind the cork. Since these are dollar store bulletin boards, the cork is very thin and backed with a thin layer of cardboard. Adding the extra layer (which I cut out from a strawberry box, haha) ensures that the pushpin or tack won't stick out and injure the wall or your fingers!)

Check them out below in action with the other message boards I already owned. The monthly dry erase calendar was a gift card purchase from Target, and the photo clip frame was a birthday gift from Pier One!

I think they turned out well! My brother-in-law actually thought that they were picture frames, which got me thinking that if you had something to frame, you could remove the cork/cardboard and place the art inside -- instant display!

So, is my low-budget DIY comparable to the PB inspiration? Let me know what you think!

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  1. I loved the tiered trays from the previous post. Also, the message boards look amazing! These are also awesome gift ideas.
    I love your blog.

  2. I like the square arrangement you have planned out. Do you think you'll put them up that way? I guess it will depend on your furniture arrangement first. Ohh! You could do it in one long rectangle too. Two small bulletin boards on either end with the two larger pieces in the middle. I'm still not over it that I won't be there to help you set it all up.


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