Monday, July 12, 2010

Thrift Shopping Fever! 8 steals for only $39

As my blog should make clear, I am kind of (okay, totally) a shopaholic. Being a frequent shopper, I of course love to find deals that can save me money as I nab my goodies. After I shop for the deals, whether they're from craigslist or garage sales or retail clearances or thrift or consignment stores, I love to share my finds here. So without ado, here are my latest thrifty gems!

Stop one was a local consignment store, Sack's, with my sister and hometown bff Ashley. I got 7 great things for only $9! My finds included a pretty green decorative bowl for $1 (it looks like an ash tray, sorta, but is way too pretty to be one)

two Ball mason jars for $0.50 (I think I will use these in the kitchen somehow. I love the old glass)

a pair of metal candle holders for $4 (these are great quality, like new! The middle is a sort of bronze color that the picture doesn't really capture.)

a file holder for $1 (which I plan on repurposing to use as a cookie sheet/pan holder, much more affordable than this one from Amazon and practically the same!)

and a $2 wine rack! (I have been eying various wine racks for a while, most notably this steal from Target, but this very economical and like-new wire version ultimately won!)

All in all, the store had some great buys (as I'm sure my sister would attest to -- she got some awesome things herself.) Unfortunately the prices were so low because the shop was going out of business :( I wish I had discovered this place before it had to shut down!

So if all that was only $9, why does my post title say the total was $39? Well, I also found a great deal from my go-to furniture store, craigslist! I got an awesome behind-the-sofa (or futon, in my case) table for only $30. It's real wood with a beautiful chevron pattern on top, and is in wonderful shape. Here are some quick pics of it (excuse the piles of stuff on it...these are garage sale items that I'm hoping to get rid of next weekend!):

And here is a close-up of the chevron pattern:

All in all, I did pretty well for myself! I can already imagine these finds fitting in to my cozy apartment :) Can't wait to post before and after pics of the space!

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