Sunday, July 18, 2010

Craft Corner: Dollar store creations!

My fabulous sister recently introduced me to a blog that I now love, Dollar Store Crafts! The website features the projects of tons of bloggers who take cheap dollar store finds and transform them into amazing "no-way-that-only-cost-that-much" creations!

Of course, after browsing the site and picking my favorites, I just had to give some them a go. I'm going to unveil my finished projects over this week. Here are my Top Five favorites -- I'm attempting the first 3 and saving the last 2 for later, if we have some bare walls that need some extra somethin' somethin' once we've set up the apartment!

Craft no. 1
: Colorful tiered trays by Julie [Joy's Hope]

As you can probably tell from my kitchen and dining room decor, I am a fan of bright colors! Thus, when I saw these bright-hued beauties, I knew right away that I wanted to attempt my own. Check back in soon to see my version!

Craft no. 2: Double display frame by Blue Artichoke Interiors

I am not a doggy owner (though I love pups!), so my desire to copycat this project does not have to do with the canine theme, but rather with the layered look of the frame! I love having lots of pictures around me that document my favorite moments and loved ones -- and especially since we're moving so far away, Ryan and I will really want those familiar faces and memories with us. Look later this week for my creations.

Craft no. 3: Bulletin board center by Joanne

As you can see from this wishlist post, I absolutely love the look of a repetitious, symmetrical message board center. When I saw Joanne's project, my heart was aflutter! Although I made some changes with paint and a little hot glue, Joanne's board collection really inspired me. If you want to see my version, keep an eye out over this week :)

Craft no. 4: DIY Necklace holder by Wendy [see her Etsy store!]

I hate, hate, hate tangled jewelry but love, love, love scrapbook paper and cutesy decorative knobs, so of course I fell in love with this idea! Thought I was itching to make this ASAP, I realized that I should wait until we move and put together our apartment -- that way, I can see if I actually need this instead of just wanting it. But, as I said above, if I have a lonely wall in the bedroom, maybe I can make this later! If I am to craft it later, I would make my version a bit brighter, however, by choosing more colorful paper to put in the picture frame (yeah, that's what this is made of) and colored knobs (half off at Hobby Lobby!) to boot.

Craft no. 5: Starburst mirror by Heather [creator of Dollar Store Crafts!]

When I saw that this project cost Heather only $8.95, I was in disbelief. It looks so stunning and sophisticated! I've seen look-alikes for way more, from $69.99 at Target to a whopping $503.80 at I have always loved this style and think it might look good in the bedroom or bathroom. But since I can't be sure that we'll have wall space until we're all set up in Montana, I decided to wait and potentially tackle this project later!

What do you think of my copycat/favorite projects? Inspired to craft anything yourself? Check out Dollar Store Crafts and let me know which creations inspire you!

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  1. I LOVE the necklace/jewelry holder! I could totally picture doing a set of four in complimenting patters and/or colors and hanging them in an interesting design. In addition to necklaces, they would also be good for bracelets, keys, wristlets, etc. It seems like an easy way to never misplace your keys or something you need to know where it is and to grab quickly on the way out the door.

  2. I am going to have to check this website out. I love the idea of the necklace holder. I definitely need one of those!

    I love the dollar store! I recently got some cute aqua baskets for our basement bathroom to store things in. They are the perfect color and you would never know they were a $1.00.


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