Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Craft Corner: DIY Scrapbook Quilt

Another week, another post! I actually have lots of things to share, so expect tons of entries in the near future. I have just been too busy to blog recently: for the past two weeks I have visited relatives from out of town, started packing for the big move, tackled some major organizing projects (pictures to come!), plus celebrated two birthdays and a bachelorette party!

My fiance and I posing with my maternal grandparents!

Amanda, the bride, along with Maid of Honor Brittany and close high school friend Ashley!

A large group of friends celebrated Anna's 22nd birthday at the Power & Light District in Kansas City!

Amidst this month's hustle and bustle, I also found some time to be crafty, both on my own with a few close gal pals. Some super-cute, sophisticated, but not bank-breaking results were had by all! I didn't take any pictures during the actual crafting, but my friends made some a-maaaaa-zing canvas art by taping off their own designs and painting the sections with their chosen hues, a la this project I did a few weeks ago. It was very fun!

We also intended to make some wall art that I dreamed up (which I am terming a "scrapbook quilt"). We didn't quite have time, but here is my finished quilt to give you an idea:

I dreamed up this project after I read a Color Inspiration post on Real Simple's blog. The post featured images from Leslie Shewring's "A Creative Mint" blog. I loved the look of the print, and realized I could craft something similar using posterboard and scrapbook paper!

The process was straightforward and simple: pick out coordinating scrapbook paper, measure the poster board, and determine how many squares to cut and what size. I had a 22" by 28" poster board and ended up cutting 35 squares total, each 3.5" by 3.5". I measured out one square and used that as a template for the rest. This part is perfect for multitasking -- I watched TV as I traced and cut out all my squares!

As you can see, for my "quilt" I selected shades of pink, brown, and lime green, pulling my inspiration from the floral paper (top row, second from the left in my scrapbook quilt). Obviously you can choose whatever colors or patterns to suit your room.

I plan on hanging this unique DIY art in my office. What does everyone think? What colors would you use, and where would you hang yours?

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