Friday, May 11, 2012

Fab Finds: Bin There, Done That

I recently had my first real bin experience at Goodwill. After waiting forever for a parking spot--my store seriously needs more parking!--I walked in and saw a few workers hauling out some bins. I figured "Oh, they're just putting out the new wares! I'll back off and give them some space!"

Then I noticed many of the customers gathering around the bins and pawing through them. It wasn't exactly mass chaos, but it was clear: if I wanted to find some treasures, I needed to get while the gettin' was good!

So I entered the fray and dug through the bins. I managed to grab two pretty things without suffering a scratch: a Glasbake dish with a pretty green floral pattern ($2.99), and a large lidded jar with a scalloped design at its edges ($1.49).

I'll be adding the dish to my kitchen vignette soon.

Along with my bin finds, I came away with many other things. Of course, a collection of milk glass:

At $0.29-$0.99 each, I really couldn't resist. I have a growing collection atop our kitchen island cubby now!

In addition to the Goodwill, I once again hit up both YWCA Secret Seconds stores and found a pretty green pedestal dish ($4) and a unique glass blown candle holder ($6). At $10 total, these two were a bit of a splurge for a thrift store, but I've never seen anything like them, so I went ahead and spoiled myself!

Have you ever had a bin experience? Or spent a little more on a thrift store piece because it's not something you see all the time? 

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  1. I can't wait to do some Goodwill hunting with you this summer!

    Just blogged about your it now, hot off the press!

    Love you!


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