Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Family Fun!

A few weeks ago, Ryan and I flew home to attend the wedding of one of my dear friends and sorority sisters, Kristin! It was an incredibly lovely and fun evening spent with my best college friends. 

Thanks to Sara for some of those pictures :)

We elected not to fly round trip--instead, my parents drove us back to Montana on Sunday and stayed with us for a week so that they could attend my thesis reading on Saturday, April 28! We ended up spending 2 days on the road and 6 in Missoula. 

We made a few tourist-y stops (Wall Drug, Devil's Tower) on our way up to Montana, and then once there did a lot of consignment, thrift, and antique shopping, ate tons of delicious food, and just spent quality time together!

I decided to share the details of our trip through some Instagram collages. For a more detailed & colorful account of our adventures, you should check out my wonderful mother's blog here :)

Day One:

Day Two:

Day Three:

Day Four:

Day Five:

Day Six:

Day Seven:

Day Eight:

Overall, we had a wonderful week spending time with my parents! I loved getting to show them around our favorite haunts. And during our many shopping trips, we ended up picking up a lot of new goodies, including some furniture and decor, which I'll be sharing with you all in the next few weeks!

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