Friday, May 25, 2012

Fab Finds Friday: Honeymoon Edition

Happy Friday, y’all!

I’m back to share the fabulous finds we purchased on our honeymoon last week :)

I spilled the beans about what we did on Wednesday and Thursday, so back it up and read those two posts if you haven’t yet.

As I mentioned at the end of the second recap post, on Saturday Ryan and I did plenty of thrifting and antiquing in Whitefish, MT. We hit up so many cute stores and I saw so many items from my thrift wish list—it was hard to resist scooping them up, but many just weren’t in my ideal price range, so I left them! I am proud of myself. Of course I took lots of pictures to share. So, ironically, I’ll kick of the visual portion of the post with some of the things I didn’t buy:

I loved those white drawers and the black wire basket, but they cost much too much.


Same with this globe.
I saw so many antique fans! None were priced right for me to grab them.


This Pyrex casserole was $4 and in great condition, but I wasn’t in love with the pattern, so I left it for someone else!


I loved these player piano music rolls, but I couldn’t figure out a good way to display one, so I left them behind.
I loved this yellow and gray vignette, especially the sunshine-y desk!

These bronze-y pendants were to die for. They’d look great in a kitchen! Too bad we don’t have one to put them in.

Loved the table and the numbers in the background. And the green tub. And the stool.

See? More fans. Taunting me.

I wanted that backwards B so badly, but it was like $70.  The little blue bin holding the maps was cute too!

More thrift wish list items! Double drawer locker bins AND another fan!!! I’m not sure how I had the willpower to resist these…still holding out on the hope that I’ll find them at some thrift store or garage/estate sale…

So much beautiful milk glass…but none from here joined my ever-growing collection.

Locker baskets! These weren’t actually for sale. Bummer!


I loved these lamp bases from Goodwill (originally from Target!) but Ryan didn’t. They were $9.99 each.

That Goodwill, by the way, was the fancy schmansiest Goodwill I’ve ever been in. I tried to capture it on film, but I’m not sure it does it justice:


They also weren’t kidding around with their prices. Someone there must know what’s antique, because they had these vintage green glasses priced at a steep $9.99!


Luckily, I was able to take advantage of the discounted tag (yellow) on my purchase, because it was a vintage gem that they’d priced high (for a thrift store): a 1.5 quart oval Town & Country casserole! Yes, that’s right, I scored some of the Pyrex from my wish list!

With the yellow tag discount, I got this beauty for $4, while online it’s priced for $19+! There was a little discoloration on the lip, but it was easily removed with a bit of liquid Bar Keeper’s Friend!

My next Pyrex score came from Studio 8, a cute group of antique/craft shops all collected under one roof. It’s the store that featured the adorable yellow desk and many of the vintage fans that I salivated over. I actually found this 2.5 Town & Country casserole before the Goodwill one, so when I came across his oval friend later, I thought it really was meant to be. This dish set me back $8, but since the pattern was on my wish list and the casserole itself was quite large and in mint condition, I went for it!

I also struck Pyrex gold at the Salvation Army in Kalispell, MT. I was actually staring at a dishwasher damaged Pyrex dish (I think it was a Horizon Blue, but the image was so faded that it was hard to tell) when I looked up and saw a Royal Wheat with cradle staring right back at me! Lovely condition, and for $3.50, it’s my first divided dish.

Yay for Pyrex scores!

I also bought some of the usual suspects which I mentioned in my Thrift Wish List post—some milk glass & a white ceramic animal:

The milk glass was priced funkily—I actually saw two identical vases priced at $0.50 and $1.50—but the checker noticed that and changed all the prices to $0.50, which knocked $1.50 off of my total! Score! I’ve never actually seen vases with the starburst pattern that two of these had, so I of course scooped them up. And I couldn’t resist the sweet little blue-eyed birdie.

I also snatched up these 4 pale yellow baskets, priced at $0.50 each:

I plan on spray painting them and using them as storage in the craft studio my sister and I are creating this summer. I’ll be sharing tons of details on that soon, as well as in-progress pictures once the project is underway!

My last score was this jar for $0.50.

Recognize it? Yeah, it’s one of the cork-topped jars I from my Thrift Wish List, sans cork lid. I almost didn’t get the jar because the lid was missing, but the price was too good to pass up. Now I’m on the hunt for the right-sized lid in craft stores, online, or in thrift shops! Once I’ve found the topper, I’ll group it with the other jars in my kitchen.

And even though they weren’t super thrifty purchases, I’m still sharing the few souvenirs Ryan and I purchased to commemorate our trip. We have a tradition of buying a local photograph from every place we visit together, so we bought this print that beautifully captures the Canadian Rockies, from the blue waters to the craggy mountains laden with glaciers:

I also collect snowglobes, so I grabbed this guy:

And we both bought T-shirts so we can represent Banff with our swag:

So those are the purchases we made on our honeymoon! Good thing we drove, otherwise we wouldn’t have had room for it all in our suitcases ;)

Do you buy anything to commemorate your vacations? Shot glasses? Postcards? Magnets? Or do you stay away from souvenirs altogether?

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  1. Love love the yellow desk! And high-five for being from Missouri! Great blog :)


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