Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Thrift Wish List

As you can probably tell if you're a regular reader of this here blog, I'm a big fan of treasure hunting, whether at antique malls, vintage fairs, estate or garage sales, or Goodwill/other thrift stores.

What I love most about the thrill of the hunt is that moment when I spy an item on my thrift wish list and the price is right for me to bring it home. Like when I nabbed the perfect kitchen scale at the Prairie Sisters party, or spotted some pretty Pyrex at the YWCA thrift. It's more rewarding than buying things from Etsy or eBay (and more affordable, too!)

So I thought it might be fun to share the items that are on my thrift wish list--that way, when I find any of them for a good price in the wild, I can update this post and we can all celebrate my latest acquisition together!

Without further ado, here's my list!
  • Vintage wire locker baskets:

I'd probably use them for magazine storage, too! So far the lowest I've seen them priced is $28, and I want a pair, so I can't take the plunge yet. (Plus one of the ones I've spotted at an antique mall here is number 666. I don't want that one.) Ideally I'd loved to find some priced around $15.
  • Wooden milk crate:

Another great-looking storage option! Again, $15 is my ideal price.
  • Small antique fan:

I think one of these would look great in a vignette on our new living room table. I'd pay up to $20 for the right one.
  • Wood or metal library card catalog box:

One of these would be a great way to store odds and ends in an office--or mail to file receipts! I'd be giddy to find a 2 drawer unit for under $10.
  • Milk glass cake stand or pedestal bowl:


These are lovely for displaying fresh (or even nice-looking faux) fruit in the kitchen! $20 sounds about right, depending on the type and quality.
  • Print block drawer:

I think one of these would be great for holding jewelry. A large one for $20 seems fair to me.
  • Yellow coke crate:

I would love to store craft supplies in one of these. I've seen them ranging from $25-40, so it'd be a steal to find one for $15--here's hoping someday I will!
  • Vintage Doctor's Jars:

I'd stash cotton balls, Q-tips, and other bathroom items in these! $20 for a trio is my dream price. I'm also on the lookout for plain look-alike jars that I could add vinyl decals to.
  • Vintage Fiesta Relish tray:

One of these would be so fun for serving small bites at a party! I'd pay $20 for the set.
  • Vintage Pyrex dishes:

I'm looking to collect a variety of dishes, including some larger casseroles I can cook in and some refrigerator dishes (I have none and I want some!), in these patterns: orange butterprint, autumn harvest, bride's, buffet twins, clover berry, orange or yellow daisy (especially the casserole!), horizon blue, seville, stems, and town & country. I would also love a collection of pie plates or cake pans in pink, blue, lime green, and green. Pricing depends on the pattern, quality, and the size, but generally I don't by Pyrex over $15.
  • Metal arc lamp:

Ryan and I spotted one of these at an antique mall years ago, and we really dug it, but not the price! I hope that we can find a similar one someday, vintage or new. We'd pay no more than $125.
  • Cork-topped jars:

I'd love more to go with my kitchen trio. I've paid $0.99, $3, and $5 for these in the past, so around those marks would do!
  •  Wheaton jars:

I'd been eying a pair at an antique mall, but for $16 couldn't take the plunge. Then I found one at Goodwill for $0.99! SCORE! I want a few more so that I can display them together--I think I'll use them to store crafty odds and ends.
  • Faux artichokes and Osage oranges:


I adore how Katie from Bower Power and Kirsten from Restored Style have styled their fauxs in these pictures. Now I'm dying for some of my own! I haven't found any affordable options yet, but I won't give up hope.
  • Persimmon Fiestaware:

I want to add some of these spicy orange dishes to my collection! I'd pay up to $15 depending on the size and quality of the piece.
  • Antique binoculars:

I spied (har har) a pair of binoculars at the Prairie Sisters party for $8, but passed them up because they weren't to die for. I think they'd look great in a vignette! If I liked them enough, I'd definitely drop $10 on a pair!
  • Vintage panoramic photo:

I'd love to hang one of these over a fireplace (we'll have one someday!) or in a hallway gallery wall. I want one with tons of people in it--it's fun to see the different looks on their faces! Depending on if it were framed or not, I'd spend $15-20 on one.

And I figured I'd also make a list of the items I generally go for when thrifting or antiquing:
  • Milk glass:

Clearly I'm addicted. I usually pick these up at Goodwill, or more special pieces at antique malls, but aim to spend $4 or less.
  • Blue mason jars:

I collected 20 of these for my wedding centerpieces, and my best friend Amanda is borrowing them for her wedding this June. I love them! Whenever I find a quart sized jar for $4 or less, I buy it.
  • Decorative letters:

I'm always looking to add to my alphabet collection. Depending on the size, quality, and uniqueness of the letter, I'd pay up to $10.
  • Print blocks (letters, numbers, or symbols):
{via here and here}

I just love using print blocks in vignettes, too! I really want a percent sign and an ampersand, and maybe a question mark. I'd pay up to $8.
  • Antique jars/bottles:

I have a few collections of vintage jars and bottles going in my kitchen & bathroom, and some random jars scattered in the apartment. I especially love ones with fun vintage labels. Depending on the size, quality, and graphics, I'd pay up to $10.
  • Milk bottles:

I love decorating with milk bottles or using them as vases. I especially love ones with fun colors and sweet sayings! For a large bottle with no chips & a good logo, I'd pay $12 or so.
  • Vintage alarm clocks:

These look so cute sitting on bookshelves. I'd love to collect a few to use in a grouping. My last one cost $8, so I usually set my mark around there.
  • White ceramic animals:

I have the same exact bug that befalls Sherry of Young House Love, Katie of Bower Power & Amanda of Our Humble A{bowe}d: I can't resist a lovely little creature when I see it. Even if it's not my favorite color, I sometimes snatch them up to spray paint. I especially want to find the cutie quails pictured above. I actually have a set from my aunt, but she painted them and I don't want to spray over them--they're the perfect shade for autumn vignettes! Here's hoping I find some to spray paint (or some that are already white!)
  • Vintage food tins:


I like to decorate with this in the kitchen, and clean ones can be used for storage, too! Again, depending on the size and how much I like the logo, I'd spend $10 tops.

What's on your thrift wish list? Let me know in the comments!

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