Friday, May 4, 2012

Fab Finds Friday: Family Edition

Spend an afternoon shopping with my mother and I and you'll probably think we're a little impulsive. (And that we're good shopper buddies/enablers, because we encourage people to buy things). We have a similar shopping style. Like it? Have a place/idea for it? Price is right? Get it. We both love browsing stores and finding great buys.

So when my parents visited for a week, we spent plenty of time doing just that. Yesterday I shared some of our vintage steals and splurges, and today I'm showing off some of our finds from Goodwill and Echo Echo, a great local consignment shop. Somehow, despite our shared love of shopping and deal-finding, this was my first official Goodwill trip with my mom, and we both came away with some fabulous finds.

First up, I scored a ton of Fiestaware tea saucers and bowls, along with a tea cup and a salt shaker. The leftmost stack + the bowls came from Goodwill--$0.49 per saucer ($3 total!), $0.69 for the tea cup, and $0.99 each for the bowls! The rightmost stack came from Echo Echo and cost just $3 total. Love. Ryan and I registered for Fiestaware so it's awesome to add to our collection without spending a ton.

Okay, now, before you suggest that I go to rehab for a milk glass addiction, let me preface this photo by saying that there were more milk glass pieces that I refrained from picking up on this trip. And I've been to Goodwill this week and resisted buying a few more. But I couldn't pass by these lovelies from Goodwill and Echo Echo, ranging from $0.49-$1 each.

Next up from Goodwill: these numbered cookie cutters. I'd been eying some on Amazon, but at $1.99 these were cheaper, and look barely used!

My mom spotted this tangerine-colored mesh organizer for $2.99 and convinced me to buy it. I think it'd be handy for organizing yarn or fabric in the craft studio my sister and I are planning to create this summer! And later, once we have tots, I could even use it to organize their toys or clothing.

Speaking of tots, what do the following purchases have in common?

Yes, they all look kid-related, but that's not why I bought them! I snagged the dinosaur art for $1.99 but intend to prime it and use the canvas to recreate one of my pinned art projects--either this chevron canvas or this abstract diamond art. My mom grabbed the small canvas for $1.29 at Shopko (sorta like KMart), and she also pointed out the flashcards ($0.50 for the whole bunch) at the Secret Seconds Thrift. I think they'd be cool matted in a large frame as art in a playroom or nursery!

This assortment of wooden goods also made its way into my heart and thus my cart. The decorative shelf and plain tray are from Echo Echo, $6 and $1 each, and the cubbies were unmarked at Goodwill--the cashier rang them up for $0.99, which made me quite happy! With a coat of paint (probably white for all, unless I feel like gettin' funky), they'll all look great.

I have big plans for these cubbies. Can you guess what they are?

The last two Echo Echo finds I'll share today are both vintage-y items that have been on my "Want" list for a while now. The first, a scrappy window:

At $20, the price was right for me--I've seen comparably-sized windows for $45 while antiquing, and I love the pale yellow & dark seafoam green paint. I love vignettes that feature old windows propped on top of bookshelves & mantles, so I snapped this pretty up.

And last but not least, I found a vintage fruit crate with special sentimental meaning for me: the packing company, Barr, is my maiden name! I was actually deciding between buying one of the vintage crates (there were 3 total in the store) or a bushel basket. I was showing the options to my mom when I spotted our last name emblazoned on the back of this crate! Somehow I'd missed it before--I'd been looking at the colorful label on the other side--but once I saw that, I had to have it. We're using it to stash our glass recyclables (much prettier than a cardboard box, no?)

Our name is even on the pretty label, see?:

Of course, being the semi-shopaholics that we are (and given that the Montana weather was a little unwelcoming last week--lots of gray, rainy days kept us confined indoors), there were other shopping trips made. Teaser: we actually bought 3 tables and 5 chairs. Yes, you read that number right. Yes, I'm totally eating my words (remember when I said our living room was "done" and overall the apartment just needed minor tweaks? HA! Little did I know what my parents & I would discovery on our retail adventures...) But, like the tease I am, I will be sharing our furniture finds with you in a bit--I'm still working on styling the pieces. It's finals week next week, so I'll be busy grading, but I promise to show pictures of our new pieces soon!

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  1. Your blog is both entertaining and enlightening. I love your crafty ideas, and your shopping savvy!


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